Are you missing Lessons from the Madras Club?

Are you missing Lessons from the Madras Club?
The Madras Club

The next topics I planned to cover in the Lessons from the Madras Club might be a little too hot for the internet so I am switching to new content.

But if you want more, there is plenty I have left to say!

If 100 people to sign up, I will send you exclusive NEW Lessons including on:

  • Politics and leadership
  • Sex and fidelity
  • The trials of extreme wealth

I want more Lessons from the Madras Club!

Catch up on the Lessons from the Madras Club already on this blog.

Introduction – “So for us the Madras Club is like Christmas everyday!”
Lesson 1: Customer service is an oxymoron – “The customer is the biggest enemy in your life.”
Lesson 2: India and X-efficiency – “You want to know the problem with Toyota?”
Lesson 3: Everyday is judgement day – “This is India. Forget the Madras Club. Everybody judges everybody. The minute he leaves the room I’m going to judge his arse…”
Lesson 4: There is no such thing as privacy – “They call me WHAT?”
Lesson 5: Residential property selection is counterintuitive – “Of course it was new so nothing worked.”
Lesson 6: There’s no food like ‘home food’ – “What would happen if we didn’t take our own food? There would have been a revolt!”

Other key changes to the blog

I will now post original stories and occasional poems fortnightly instead of weekly. But for regular, ongoing commentary like:

* Word of the Week Wednesdays
* Words of Wisdom
* Weird and Wonderful English from around the world

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