Best walk EVER!

Best walk EVER!
Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

Don’t feel like reading? Listen to me tell the story.

When I set off down to the Manly foreshore in Brisbane to attempt to undo Saturday night’s carnage, there was not a cloud in the sky, and a resplendent sunset was a gorgeous backdrop to end the beautiful sunny day. The well-manicured path along the shoreline and the lovely sea breezes made it a perfect time for a long walk.

By the time I was close to the Wynnum wading pool, some angry clouds appeared inland with silent bolts of lightning off in the distance. Awwwwww, how nice of mother nature to put on a bit of fireworks for us. And yeah… naaaah… I know it is far away, but I probably wouldn’t be letting my kids swim in the wading pool just now… But I’m not a Mum… Maybe they just don’t like their kids that much…

Judge not lest ye be judged

The sight looking back over Wynnum and Manly when walking back down the Wynnum jetty was spectacular. Pure black clouds and some more lightning bolts cast a gorgeous light over the village while the sky over the bay remained crystal clear.

Walking back past the wading pool, the rain started lightly. Yeeeees! There is nothing like a walk in the warm rain at the end of a hot day. Bloody perfect. Good to see SOME of the people getting out of the wading pool now the thunder was letting us know that lightning was getting closer.

People and dogs started evaporating. SOFT! What’s wrong with a spot of rain when you’re out walking? Soft.

A sharp change of pace

Well hello! Things got pretty dark pretty quickly and some new, fierce gusts of cold wind and rain started shoving me towards the water. Huh. Okaaaaaay. This was a bit of a change of tempo…

There was now no one out walking at all.  The rain was bucketing down in sheets, and the lightning flashing backed by roaring thunder informed me of just how close it was. Fabulous.

A big branch of one of the trees had snapped off and was lying freshly next to the tree. Nooooooo. That had to have been the wind. This lightning is close but surely I would have heard actual contact… Surely…

But look how hard I am! Walking casual as anything, drenched like a drowned rat through a lightning obstacle course. I had already decided I would be okay because I was on a concrete path and the lightning was more likely to strike one of the trees than me. I considered moving to the road for a bit when the wind gusts felt like they might have the force to knock me, but I was too tough for that.

But holy crap that lightning just about hit me in the face! And I could do without these pebble-like water missiles flying into my eyes. I’m not sure how cool I’m looking now bent over, leaning into the wind, one eye closed and hand shielding my eyes. And I’m not that close to home….

Then some fit, young, clearly crazy couple came running past offering the cheeriest, maniacal hello in clear solidarity for the ridiculous battle-like conditions we were needlessly braving together.

When exactly does this become dangerous?

I was now getting jumpy at the frequent flashes that appeared to be aiming for my face.  But it is all good! I was turning into Manly Village now. Time to be cool, drenched girl again. Own that rain! All those people in the bars and restaurants don’t know what they are missing out on, sitting there all dry with their booze… Losers. Interesting looks from them though. Especially the pub. “Nice night for it!”

But I had almost tamed the beast! I just had to turn the corner, make it up the killer hill, and there was a shower of a different kind waiting for me!!

A familiar car drew up beside me. I gestured that I may as well keep walking as I was almost there and clearly absolutely saturated. But the old man wasn’t having it. He had gotten off pole position for the show on the balcony and braved the storm to come and find me. I even got to avoid the killer hill at the end!

I got home, took off my shoes, wrung about a litre of water out of my socks and jumped into the hot shower fully clothed.

Best walk EVER!

The End

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