Valentine’s BONUS ‘two minute’ story – My favourite (unsuccessful) pickup line EVER

Valentine’s BONUS ‘two minute’ story – My favourite (unsuccessful) pickup line EVER
Unsuccessful Valentine - Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Don’t feel like reading? Listen to me tell the story.

I am very fond of one of my former clients, but not to the level I would like an intimate relationship with him. We went away to a number of conferences together without incident, until after one such conference, after one or two beverages, he made his move…

“No thank you. I don’t see us being like that,” or words to that effect I would have uttered.

He paused as if considering what I just said.

“Out of pity?” he asked, completely serious, but with an hilarious high inflection in his voice.

I roared with laughter.

“Come ooon. It will only take a couple of minutes,” he continued, hammering his earlier point home.

“You’re not selling it, mate. You’re not selling it.”

And do you know what? I’ll bet it works sometimes. I can imagine some bored, slightly irritated individual saying, “Alriiiiiight. Let’s get it over with… sigh.”

He now has a very lovely girlfriend and could be accused of punching well above his weight there. I can only imagine the series of smooth lines that got her across the line…

Happy Valentine’s Day! May all your encounters today be as enthusiastic as this one was entertaining!

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