Introducing my new blog!

Introducing my new blog!
Claire on her computer writing away...

I have been a writer for some time, but mostly anonymously or for other people, and have decided to come out of the shadows!

What can you expect from this blog?

This blog is about being entertained.  It is about sometimes laughing, sometimes thinking, getting your heart racing, transporting yourself into the stories, and generally having a good time.

I hope my posts will make you feel… something.

In my blogs I will regale you with my own personal stories (see my first one, Lambo… #SheepToo), those of others who are kind enough to share, and occasionally some observational musings from the truly varied circumstances I regularly find myself in.

Because of my extensive international business and marketing background, expect some content from that wild and wonderful world too.

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Linkedin, you will also see some light hearted writerly features to laugh at and get involved with such as “Word of the Week Wednesdays” and “Gratuitous Grammar Gripes” or “Glorious Grammar Gems” (Mondays).

Some of my friends tell me the way I TELL the stories can be as entertaining as the content, so I will include an audio file of yours truly reading these little gems in case that is of interest.  These stories will come out weekly on Fridays.

Why am I doing this?

There will not be a hard sell.  I suspect many who will hopefully enjoy this blog will never require my other services. 

I am now officially marketing myself as:

  • A ghost writer for autobiographies (still in the shadows here, but I love this so much)
  • A ghost writer and/or collaborator to help turn your thought leadership or special expertise into a best-selling book
  • A writer of other non-fiction books whether corporate, historical, biographical, or hobby related
  • An editor, reader, and/or coach for significant non-fiction projects.

I am using this blog to have some fun with the stories I like to tell, while also showcasing my writing skills for those who may need them. 

If you hear of someone who needs a writer like me, I hope you will think of me (and check out my shiny new website!)

Who am I anyway?

I started off life in Christchurch, New Zealand (get a taste for that in Lambo… #SheepToo) before moving to Brisbane, Australia when I was 10 years old and getting a taste for the warm life.

I finished school and went straight into an International Business degree which allowed me to visit Osaka in Japan for a year on exchange.  After graduating, I went back and worked in a bar in Fukuoka for a year, then headed on a working holiday to the United Kingdom staying in London for two years.

While I had enough of the cold, dark, and rain, I wasn’t quite ready to go back to Australia. I followed a cousin to Egypt, and stayed there for a very interesting and ‘character building’ year.  At the end of my tether, I went home heartbroken, defeated, and back with my parents to do a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree where I met many weird and wonderful people from all over I am lucky to still have in my life today.

I then transitioned my career into marketing management which I enjoyed for a number of years.  During that time, I fell in love and moved to one of Australia’s smaller cities, Adelaide.  I had low expectations when I moved, but had a fantastic time for the seven or so years I was there.  Definitely one of Australia’s gems.

I had a midlife crisis personally and professionally, transitioned from marketing, to change management, to start-ups, before it was time for me to move on solo once again.

I haven’t settled since leaving Adelaide and am loving it.  I accidentally spent two and a half years living in an elite Club in Chennai, India after being invited to a friend’s wedding.  I have spent the rest of my time between Melbourne, Bali, Indonesia, Brisbane, and back in India, doing some business things and some writing things.

I am in the final stages of writing a non-fiction book under my own name that has been in my head for years, for which I interviewed some really lovely people with incredible stories.  I love bringing real stories to life and know this is what I should be doing.  So I am doing it.

Ready to be entertained? 

Check out my first post  Lambo… #SheepToo to see if this blog is for you.

A little taste…

“He had clearly been abandoned by his mother and was going to die if they left him there.  So they christened him Lambo, took him home, and welcomed him to the family.  I can’t imagine what it was about that tiny, cute, helpless baby lamb that reminded them of Sylvester Stallone’s revenge filled, murderous madman on a rampage…  But who knows?  Maybe it was a prophecy…”

Lambo… #SheepToo

Read more…

The End

Thanks for reading.  I hope you enjoy the blog.  If you do, please like and share on social media.  I’m on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and my handle is @ClaireRWriter.

If you want to work with me, check out my website and book a meeting.

Until next time!


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  1. Kerry

    Love it Claire. Love your photo too.

    1. ClaireRWriter

      Thanks Kerry!

  2. Sarah

    Awesome Claire. Can’t wait to read your musings as you are a born storyteller who seems to frequently find herself in…let’s call it…interesting situations!

    1. ClaireRWriter

      It takes one to know one Sarah 😉

  3. Emma

    I love it. I can’t wait to read more!

    1. ClaireRWriter

      Naaaaw, thanks Emma! Glad you are enjoying it xx

  4. Aaron Potts

    Dear Claire,

    I think I need your assistance. I tend to make typos in my emails at work (sometimes significant). I genuinely try and proof read them, however when I press send my grammatical mistakes seem to suddenly become apparent. Que big regrets and embarassment.

    Do you have any remmendations as to how deal with this.

    Aaron Potts (Pottsy)
    (P.S. am I cursed? Is their magic at play?)

    1. ClaireRWriter

      Hi Pottsy

      I can feel the deep toument within you.

      Aside from suggesting you make sure you are using a mail program (outlook, gmail or similar) which has spelling and grammar checking and that it is turned on, or alternatively drafting things in word first where the little red and green lines will alert you of impending danger, I would definitely recommend exorcism for you.

      Not just for you, but all of your devices and perhaps the entire city of Perth just to be safe.

      What could go wrong?

      1. Aaron Potts

        Thank you Claire. This has helped immensely. You are a kind soul, as you did not drawn my attention to the sole grammatical mistake in my question. Keep going, I love your stuff. Pottsy

  5. Carolyn

    I thoroughly enjoyed this Claire. Having grown up in the country, I was transported back to my childhood where I found myself in similar circumstances, minus the sheep! RIP Lambo.

    1. ClaireRWriter

      Naaaaaaw. I’m glad you enjoyed it and resonated with Lambo! xx

  6. gb

    Sweet. And you don’t look like you’ve aged in 10 years!

    1. ClaireRWriter

      Thanks Gary!

      I must have been an old cow back then too 😀

  7. Caroline

    Great work Claire! Your FB posts are highly entertaining, looking forward to reading your blogs.
    Caz 🙂

    1. ClaireRWriter

      Thanks Caz!

      I hope you enjoy them. I always appreciate good feedback xx

  8. Annie Pateman

    HI Clare Not sure if you remember me – think Toastmasters. Just came across you now accidently. What an amazing life you have had. Reminds me of Eat, Pray, Love. Can really relate to what you are saying. about doing your own writing. Must tell you that I have just finished my book which is coming out end of February. It’s my memoir and called the Strength Within. Took me 13 years, but took me full time sort of the last 5 years. Wishing you all the best and good luck with your new direction. Looking forward to reading about your new adventures.

    1. ClaireRWriter

      Wow congratulations Annie!

      I can truly appreciate the epic task of finishing your book! Starting is the easy part. I am going through it and it is certainly not as easy as it looks (or I guess everyone would do it, right?)

      I hope you enjoy the blog. Keep me bosted on when your book is out. I would love to read it.


  9. Viktor

    Great stuff Claire! Looking forward to reading your next stories!

    1. ClaireRWriter

      Thanks Viktor! I’m glad you are enjoying them!

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