Ready to tell your personal story or share your valuable expertise?

Ready to turn it into a best selling book?

I specialise in ghost writing...​


Portray your life challenges and achievements from birth through to adulthood written from your experience and your voice.

Non-fiction Expertise / Thought Leadership

Transfer your knowledge on a topic, process, theory, or activity into a targeted, published masterpiece that showcases your credibility and expertise.


Rather than covering your entire life, a memoir focuses on a specific period of your life and goes into more emotion and detail on that series of events.

Why work with me?

I take the pain out of writing your book and together we will have readers laughing with you, crying with you, feeling what you felt, and coming away inspired by the lessons you learned, and the take-aways you leave them with.

I love interviewing, listening, and probing to uncover people’s many and varied stories, and getting to know who you are at your core.  This is where the gold lies.  

I prefer to spend at least some time face to face, but also work very well online.  My clients and peers describe me as easy to talk to, insightful, and open minded. 

I have a natural ability for storytelling, love using creative and authentic ways to bring characters to life, and am experienced in structuring non-fiction works into publishable art.  

Prior to switching to writing full time, I had a successful career in international business and marketing.  I lived for extended periods in Asia, India, the Middle East, and Europe which has given me a lot of exposure to different situations, types of people, and ways of life. 

I learned that everyone is different and I am certainly not one to judge.  

I have a bachelor degree in International Business and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) postgraduate degree.

But this process is not about me.  It is about finding YOUR voice and YOUR story.  What do YOU want to accomplish?  What kind of legacy do YOU want to leave? 

That is my focus.

Shall we do this together?


For confidentiality reasons, I cannot provide direct testimonials for ghost writing projects as I take non-disclosure agreements seriously. 

These testimonials are from other writing projects.

** Work samples are available on request and you may also like to view my blog. **

“I couldn’t recommend Claire more. She is easy to work with, sticks to deadlines, and is a genius at adapting to the unique style of her subjects. Don’t commit to a writer before talking with her.”
Profile picture of Sachin Sharma, Harper Collins Publishing
Sachin Sharma
Senior Commissioning Editor, Harper Collins
"I love discovering what Claire comes up with in her writing assignments. Her work is on point, entertaining, well researched, thorough and insightful - can't recommend her highly enough!"
Profile picture of Maria Doyle, Create Real Change
Maria Doyle
Consultant in Education and Training
“Claire Richardson’s command over English and her natural ability to express thoughts accurately and succinctly, differentiates her work from other writers.“
Profile picture of Badri Vijayaraghavan, Business Executive and Author
Badri Vijayaraghavan
Business Executive and Author

The Process

How we will work together

We will discuss why you wish to write a book, what you would like it to achieve, and an overview of the likely contents and narative styles. 

I will come back to you after with some creative approaches and terms for a commercial agreement.

This is a two to three month planned series of interviews with you and others you may nominate, as well as a review of any other materials and/or research.  Here we delve into the details of major events, develop the depth of key characters, and explore the deeper meaning and key messages behind them.

Every few weeks you will receive draft pages to review and give feedback on. Nothing will make it past this drafting stage without your approval.

Depending on the length of the book and your availability during the interview and drafting processes, this is expected within seven to nine months of commencing.

These edits and revisions are between us to make sure you are happy with the manuscript to take to the next stage.

Optional Extras

Additional services available

Whether you are self-publishing or wish to go through the traditional publishing route, I can help.

For self-publishing I can recommend final editors, proof readers, designers, printers, and even appropriate marketing platforms for your book.

For traditional publishing I can assist with developing a winning book proposal and marketing it to agents and/or publishers.

If you choose a traditional publisher, they will provide some initial launch publicity and marketing in very specific markets.  However, a trade publisher has to publish hundreds of books in a year and may not be able to give your book the focus it deserves, or that you might expect. 

I can help extend that reach to broader geographic markets, or more deeply penetrate your desired target markets. 

If you are self-publishing and wish for the book to be a commercial success, you will need to promote your book strategically depending on your resources available.

I can tailor-make a publicity plan with mutually agreed targets and deadlines.

You may wish to develop the material from your book into a keynote speech or speeches, continue a social and digital media presence to promote yourself and your business, and/or develop ongoing relationships with traditional media.  

As a seasoned marketing professional and manager for many years I can also help you with this.

Shall we chat about working together?