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Ready to take your masterpiece from great to out of this world?

No matter how great we are, we all need someone to bounce off and review our work to help us take it to the next level.

I can help with...

Content Editing

As a content editor for non-fiction I look at accuracy, tone, and strength of key messages. For fiction I suggest changes as necessary to the plot, characters, and setting. I also look at grammar and formatting.


As a reader I will give you early, high-level feedback and impressions of your work. Writer’s request early readings to get opinions on the direction, structure, and substance of their piece.


Coaching involves a combination of editing and reading as well as check ins, ongoing discussions, strategy sessions, and whatever we agree will help most with your writing process.

Why work with me?

Why work with me?

Aside from excelling in English throughout school, going through university to a Masters level, lecturing at a top Australian university, and going on to be a writer myself, I have also trained in ‘deep editing’ techniques.

This means I look beyond surface level issues and systematically assess and help improve writing content, structure, style and presentation.

My aim is to connect with your writing and your purpose, and help make it as clear, compelling, and accurate as possible.

I have extensive experience editing complex works from large corporate documents such as annual reports and white papers, to a 300+ page epic history of a hill station in India I had previously known nothing about.

I lectured Undergraduate and Masters students at the University of Adelaide for around six years and marked countless papers including for content, structure, grammar, spelling and so on.

I love working with authors on large projects and uncovering the magic, just as I love working with great editors on my own writing projects. 


Fresh, trained eyes can make such a difference and help take work from great to out of this world.

Shall we talk about your project and see if we can work together?


“I worked with Claire Richardson on editing my historical coffee table book on the Indian hill station, Kodaikanal. Her attention to detail and capability to paraphrase were outstanding. Her non-judgmental suggestions on a few potentially controversial topics was also extremely useful."
Badri Vijayaraghavan
Business Executive and Author
"I like that Claire looks at things differently to me, but she understands my style and doesn't try to change it. If you are looking for a thorough and insightful editor, Claire delivers!"
Maria Doyle
Consultant in Adult Education and Training

** Samples of work I have edited are available on request. **

Shall we chat about working together?

We will discuss your writing projects, goals and objectives, the type of help you are looking for, and whether I am the right fit for you.

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